Thursday, 26 January 2012

I'm dubious as to whether we'll ever get to the beach again with the relentless rain we've been having in Sydney.

Should the sun come out any time soon (fingers tightly crossed), I'll be taking one of these ultra stylish, turkish beach towels with me. Lightweight making them easy to carry and quick to dry, there'll be no more baskets of heavy, wet towels sitting in the laundry.

Handmade on traditional turkish looms, 100% cotton, and versatile. These towels can be used as a table-cloth, pic-nic rug, a bedspread or a sarong.

In bright, snazzy colours as well as a gorgeous range for the house in a more classic style, prices start at $39 from Hammamas, based in Vic. They do a kids range too!

Happy Australia Day - enjoy the holiday wherever you are in this big, beautiful, land of ours.
It seems half the country will be at the beach today and the other half will be suffering from cabin fever.
S x

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